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donmcleman asked 6 months ago

I am stunned. I bought this plugin months ago and now I find it’s been a waste of time. I followed your instructions to set up Mailchimp and then I found out tucked away in this forum that Mailchimp is no longer supported.
When I set no mailing service integration I get the same error highlighting around the email box. The plugin says the email has sent but it doesn’t actually send anything at all.
I have already followed your instructions to re-install the plugin if it’s not sending. Do you have a solution? Is there an alternative product on the market? Is it too late to get a refund?

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donmcleman answered 6 months ago

And the same error-highlighting is shown on your demo page.
In summary: your plugin does not work. answered 6 months ago

The support and service on this plugin are terrible.  Integration to Mail Chimp stopped, the app crashed my WordPress for me until it was deleted, I lost 1500 contacts because of it and support was none existant, they couldn’t care less!

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