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Craig Gosselin asked 1 year ago

Question: I am looking to promote multiple ASIN numbers in my Promo (Entire Catalog) Can the AMZ coupon server handle that?

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Support Team Staff answered 1 year ago

​Hello Craig,
Yes, AMZ Coupon Server can do it!
In order to give coupons for more than one product,

you have to generate such coupons in Amazon Seller Central.
If you want to send email with a link to more than one product –
don’t use the [[LINK]] short-code, but manually insert your full link
to your brand page, storefront page, or many different links to your different products.

Nicholas answered 10 months ago

But there is only place for 1 ASIN in your plugin back end?

Support Team Staff answered 10 months ago

Hi Nicholas,
In the ASIN field – enter only one of your ASINs,
and in the email text – you can enter as many links as you wish
to your product pages, brand page or store page.

Nicholas answered 10 months ago

Thanks! So the ASIN in the back end of your plugin doesn\’t affect the other ASIN coupons going out? I have 4 variations, so was going to try to use the parent. But just one of the 4 child ASINs is fine? It\’s a bit confusing, as it doesn\’t really explain anywhere how this ASIN field is used. I assume it isn\’t used anywhere.

Support Team Staff answered 10 months ago

The ASIN field only effect the link to your product – if you use the [[LINK]] short-code.
If you don’t use the [[LINK]] short-code, you can paste any link to your email text.

Nicholas answered 10 months ago

Oh I see now! I wondered where the  [[LINK]] short-code was coming from! 
All good as I am not using the short code. Putting the links to the variations in directly.

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