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Kenneth asked 3 years ago

Hello,   I\’ve just installed the plugin, created my first campaign, and am testing the installation. I\’m set up with MailChimp and have entered a valid list ID and API code. Whenever I enter a name and email address, then submit the form, I\’m getting the error message \”There occurs error sending email.\” Please advise. Thanks, Ken

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Support Team Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Kenneth,

  1. Make sure you have a valid email address in General Settings of your WordPress website.
  2. Try switching to another WordPress theme and test again.
Krishna answered 3 years ago

I am having the same error issue.
Not too sure changing the wordpress theme is working for me. There is a reason that wordpress theme was purchased and installed throughout my website.
Can you provide a follow up on this?
Also, The email address on the api has been matched with the one on the wordpress website.
Thank you

Support Team Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello Krishna,
Can you send email from your website?

It might be a server preferences issue.
Do you have a contact form in your website? Does it work OK?

di answered 3 years ago

i’m having the same problem now and i’m in the midst of my campaign! it’s frustrating and i’m losing many subscribers! please help asap!

Krishna answered 3 years ago

Di, try in General Settings, in the email field having an email with your domain on it.
Somewhere i read that it was supposed to be the email in the api( The one i registered with for AMZ coupon) but i put the domain email and it is working.
You also might want to make sure that your wordpress site can send email. check the smtp plugin

di answered 3 years ago

thanks Krishna, i tried both but it didn\’t work..  any other ideas?

Krishna answered 3 years ago

Hey Di, That was what i tried. try reaching out to them on their contact us page. They were pretty responsive in getting back to me.

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