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Stewart asked 4 years ago

I am presuming that I need to set up my API key and List ID only once if I want the contact details to always go to the same database.
Does AMZ require that I have a new list ID for each new campaign? 
I have tried running a test with fake coupon numbers.  After inserting my email address and clicking “send” I get the pop-up message saying that coupons have run out….. but there are several listed.

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Support Team Staff answered 4 years ago

Pop-up message is not connected or depends in MailChimp integration.
Try to build a new campaign ant test again…

Stewart answered 4 years ago

I have tried again and it is not working.  Again I get the pop-up saying that promo coupons have run out. What do you mean \”the pop-up is not connected\”?  Connected to what?  It looks like an AMZ pop-up. I am using Mailchimp.  Please confirm the following points:  Should I be able to use the same API and List ID for different  campaigns?  Does the short code for the landing page activation button change for each campaign?  

Support Team Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Stewart,
You’re asking about two different issues:

  1. Pop-up message that says “all coupons ran out”
    Please send me private message with login to your site and I’ll check it for you.
  2. If you want that email addresses of two different campaign will go to the same MailChimp mail list – than you should use the same list ID in both campaign.
    If you want it to go to different lists – than use different list IDs.

    The short-code is different for each campaign (try and see by yourself)


Stewart answered 4 years ago

I am now able to receive test coupons because I changed the short code in my WP dashboard. It was not obvious that this detail would have to be changed for each new campaign.  As the short code for the form has to be changed for every new campaign it should perhaps be clearly listed as point (7) in your instructions.

Support Team Staff answered 4 years ago

Each campaign has its unique short-code.
You can find the short-code of a campaign in its campaign page within the AMZ coupon server dashboard.
And you can find all short-codes of all campaigns in the campaigns list in the main page of AMZ coupon server dashboard.

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