Support ForumCategory: GeneralIs there a way to display link to Amazon product in thank you page?
Pablo asked 2 years ago

I can create the thank you page and have the coupon code display there; however, I would like to also display the link where people can be redirected to Amazon to buy (like in the email). Is there a way to add this link to the thank you page?

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Support Team Staff answered 2 years ago

Since the thank you page is a WordPress page, you can add a link (and a text, headlines, images, video…), like in any other pages in WordPress website.

Pablo answered 2 years ago

I apologize, I think I did not explain myself correctly. This link would vary by product. The email system generates a link using the ASIN and then places the link within the email. No need to create different emails per ASIN. So, is there a way to automatically generate this link in the Thank You page, or do I have to create a separate thank you page per ASIN? Thank you again!

Support Team Staff answered 2 years ago

You’ll have to create a separate thank you page for every ASIN

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