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Tyrone asked 3 years ago

The Email field is cleared after the user enter their Name and Email address on the website, however, the Name field is not cleared or reset. How do I clear or reset the name field?

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Support Team Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Tyrone,
We will fix it in future version
(why do you want to reset field after submitting?)

Tyrone answered 3 years ago

The customer is getting a 10-14 sec delay after they hit the submit button, which causes them to hit submit several times, receiving several emails. The great part about allowing 1 promo per email is that only 1 promo code is sent. The delay occurs both using the generic and the send user thankyou page. I\’m running godaddy web hosting, light usage one wordpress website. I tested using mailchimp and that seems to be much faster, however I was not able to use my custom thankyou. Any thoughts as to what is causing the delay?

Support Team Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Tyrone,
Reaction time depends on your hosting server.
Contact your hosting support to increase server speed.

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