Support ForumCategory: GeneralCauses my featured image on all pages to go blank.
Senh Hoi asked 2 weeks ago

When your plugin is activated it causes my featured image on all my pages to go blank.
I have to disable your plugin and for it to work again.
Please advise?

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Senh Hoi answered 2 weeks ago

I\’m using theme: HypermarketVersion: 1.4.4By Mahdi Yazdani my URL:-

Support Team Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Senh
Some of the themes and plugins that wasn’t write according to WordPress standards may conflict with AMZ Coupon Server.
Try contact the theme support.

Senh Hoi answered 2 weeks ago

I’ve reached out to the theme and they said it\’s not them after checking my codes.
As you can see in the link above, please can you confirm AMZ Coupon Server is or isn’t using external jQuery version?

Senh Hoi answered 2 weeks ago

I think your deregister standard jquery is causing a huge set of problems. 
I’ve been trying to get your plugin to work, and currently, notice the following problems:

  1. feature image disappears.
  2. don’t receive coupon email.
  3. even with the on a separate page redirection doesn’t show the coupon code.

I can’t get this working at all. Please help.