Display Amazon coupon on thank you page

Display Amazon coupon code on the Thank-You page? or send it via email?

Some AMZ Coupon Server users can’t decide what’s better:

Use the “Display Coupon Code on the Thank You page” option, right after the buyer enters his name and e-mail to the webform, or – send the coupon to his inbox?

Each option has its advantages:

Using the “Display coupon code on the Thank You page” option – enables a quick move to the purchase page on Amazon, to purchase the item – without any additional clicks, and without searching for your coupon in your inbox.

On the other hand, sending the coupon by e-mail guarantees the buyer entered a correct (and real) e-mail address (otherwise he doesn’t get the coupon). This is a significant advantage – this way we can add him to our mailing list and keep sending him commercial offers, keep in touch with him.

And I ask: why can’t we enjoy both worlds? (Yes, AMZ Coupon Server enables both: present the coupon on the Thank You Page – and send it by e-mail).

But let’s do it smart: above the form where the buyer fills in his details, write that he receives the coupon by e-mail. This way, we make it look like you have to put in a real e-mail address. After the buyer fills in the details, he goes to the Thank You page in which we will show him the coupon and the link to the product page on Amazon. At the same time, we send him the coupon by e-mail.

This way, we can have an immediate, smooth purchase experience, and capture his true e-mail address – for future marketing communication with him.

We wish you success,
AMZ Coupon Server Team

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